Rudraksh Apartments Guruvayur Thrissur – Project


Rudraksh is an ultimate symbol of divinity since time immemorial It is attached to the boundless cosmic power and has tremendous ability to heal. It inspires positive thinking and evokes love. Getting associated with it brings in all the peace and abundance and grace to our lives.

The new project from AMARAVATI DEVELOPERS has been named after this symbol of divinity – RUDRAKSH APARTMENTS. Situated in the sacred town of Guruvayur, Rudraksh Apartments brings a new blend of comfort and divinity. As the sun shines bright to beautiful dawn, embrace and experience the bell chimes of the temple and the morning mantras that flow from its sanctum.

RUDRAKSH APARTMENTS is situated in the temple town of Guruvayoor, where the famous temple of Lord Krishna or Guruvayoorappan stands. The Mammiyoor Shiva temple is also situated here.

Be it the mornings or evenings, at RUDRAKSH, you shall feel tranquility that surrounds the whole air.

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