Amaravati possess all the required infrastructure for Planning and Construction of villas, apartments and commercial complexes. Right from the sketch design and creating building plan, all the required activities of the building project shall be entrusted to Amaravati. Apart from the construction of residential villas and flats, Amaravati also take up the construction of commercial complexes and multi-storied shopping malls etc. Re-construction and renovations of existing structures are also taken up as a service of Amaravati. Various services offered by Amaravati in domain are explained below:

  • Preparation of building plans and sketches for Villas & Apartments
  • Preparation of building plans and sketches for commercial complexes
  • Estimation of the project cost
  • Scheduling of the construction process
  • Providing consultancy services
  • Re-construction and renovation of existing building structures

All of the construction related activities are undertaken and executed by Amaravati. Timely completion of the entrusted projects and maintaining cost of construction within the estimated budget are the unique advantages with Amaravati.
Amaravati is committed to apply most modern engineering principles to the planning, construction and design of buildings and structures. Amaravati often work with other engineering experts and with architects, who focus on aesthetics or function layout of building construction projects. Amaravati also focus on functional layout including electrical, mechanical, fire protection, and others.

Amaravati engineering team focuses any areas, including:

  • The design and analysis of ventilating, heating and air controlling systems.
  • The structural integrity of constructed buildings.
  • Efficiency and design of plumbing, fire protection and all the required electrical systems.
  • Energy conservation issues.
  • Acoustic and lighting planning.

Amravati’s Engineering Team work with other architects and engineers to plan the design, construct, and maintain buildings and building complexes like villas, flats, apartment or commercial building structures. The Amaravati team also focuses on designing structural systems, evaluating and planning heating and air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems for constructed buildings. Amaravati’s engineering team also work on new building projects, or renovations of existing structures.

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